AppleCensorship is recruitng a Researcher/Writer

UDPATED: 06/10/2022

Dear candidates: We really appreciate the time and effort you put in throughout our selection process. As of today, this position is no longer vacant. If more opportunities come up in the future, we will also post them on

Job Title: Researcher/Writer

Location: (Flexible)

Date of Joining: as soon as possible

Duration: until end of October 2022

Reporting to: Project Director


The mission of AppleCensorship is to track down and expose occurrences of censorship and arbitrary removals of apps from Apple’s App Store. We monitor and report on instances when Apple removes apps from certain country-based app stores, often in compliance with requests from repressive governments. We also advocate for Apple to change their App Store Review Guidelines, which in their current form violate the fundamental human rights of millions of Apple users around the world. Most notably, human rights defenders, journalists, lawyers and activists who operate in China and other repressive environments are most impacted by Apple’s arbitrary censorship and compliance with authoritarian governments worldwide. In accordance with the U.N Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, AppleCensorship seeks to encourage Apple to place respect of human rights ahead of its financial interests. AppleCensorship is actively engaging with stakeholders on these issues, including human rights organizations and community members, app developers, and local groups most affected by Apple’s harm. AppleCensorship is a project of, which monitors and challenges internet censorship in China.  


The Researcher/Writer will:

  • Write 2 in-depth reports and supervise the editorial processes.
  • See here and here for examples of reports published by AppleCensorship.
  • Produce high quality and varied research for a range of audiences including data analysis, report writing and visual presentations.
  • Conduct in-depth studies and investigations, using data gathered by AppleCensorship’s App Store Monitor tool. as well as external sources and materials.
  • Conduct online and offline research on censorship of apps by Apple as well as on the impact of the company’s processes which lead to such cases of app unavailability and censorship.
  • Interview and engage with stakeholders (end-users, developers, human rights organizations, tech specialists, Apple executives, etc.) to collect information. 
  • Analyze the local context and environment on both macro and micro levels as it relates to censorship by Apple. Conduct quantitative and qualitative analysis on specific groups of apps and cases of confirmed or alleged arbitrary removal of apps and their impact.
  • Conduct research and analysis of the legal framework in authoritarian regimes and countries where cases of app censorship have been reported and how this relates to Apple’s business practices in these countries.
  •  Provide recommendations and suggest best practices in order to expand or adjust AppleCensorship’s advocacy efforts with the end goal of ending Apple’s censorship.
  • Maintain record of research process, including written log of methods and actions employed, data sourced used, and raw data produced for subsequent analysis.
  • Supervise illustration (including data visualization, charts, graphs, tables, pictures, infographics, and diagrams) work throughout the editorial process.
  •  Assist in report dissemination and the creation of promotional materials, such as press releases, social media posts, and media blurbs…

Qualifications (must have):

There is no degree requirement for this position. However, we will consider applicants with relevant skills and experience, in particular those with specialization in digital mobile industry or human rights and censorship or Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) or International law; Advanced knowledge of iOS and the App Store environment; Current PhD degree seekers are encouraged to apply.

  • Ability and willingness to work under tight deadlines;
  • Familiarity with MS Office applications or Google suite, data analysis;
  • Excellent English oral and written communication skills;

Qualifications (nice to have):

Advanced knowledge of China is helpful, including Chinese language skills;  

Job level: Experienced

Hours: Full Time

Contract: Freelance Contract / fixed term contract

Minimum Salary: 4000$ – 6000$ / month (deliverable based contract)

Application process: Send an email to [email protected]

All applications are handled with utmost care for privacy and security of applicant. For additional security, create a free ProtonMail account before sending your email to us.

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