App Store Monitor

AppleCensorship’s App Store Monitor lists iOS apps that are unavailable in one or more App Stores. For some of them, such unavailability is at the discretion of the developer. But for many others, their absence from a given App Store is due to Apple’s censorship policy.

To understand what exactly AppleCensorship’s App Store Monitor is monitoring and how to use it to detect the blocking of apps, read our Methodology page.

Apple currently has

App Stores in 175 countries/regions.

A combined total of

apps are unavailable in one or several App Stores.

Contrary to what Apple says, many of the apps that are blocked by its teams are not related to gambling or porn. This is especially true for China, where there are currently 12559 apps unavailable, including News Apps such as the New York Times and the BBC.

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App Store Overview

App Store Number of unavailable news apps Number of unavailable apps
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